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Product Information
We prefer Self-Inking 2000 Plus rubber stamps over all others for four reasons:

1. Our rubber dies are manufactured with GENUINE rubber (not plastic/polymer). This is still the most durable way to make stamps. Each stamp is set by hand and engraved into high quality GENUINE rubber using laser engraving technology, then hand-cut to ensure the best impression for your stamp.

2. 2000 Plus units can be easily re-inked.  They generally last for thousands of impressions between re-inkings, and the ink is inexpensive for our customers.

3. They can be used on most paper and cardboard surfaces, and they stamp out with a clear impression.

4. 2000 Plus units are made in Austria by Colop (the best name in rubber stamps), ensuring the highest quality in the mechanism, housing, and pad. The rubber dies are engraved out of high quality GENUINE rubber right here at QUALITY Rubber Stamp Co. Coupled with our stamp know-how, they are the best stamps in the world.

"When your name is QUALITY, it's hard to find any substitutes for the best!"

Pre-Inked Stamps (Evostamp):

    These stamps use the same technology as most pre-inked stamps, utilizing the power of ultraviolet light to imprint the die. The die is impregnated with ink, so they generally last 20,000 to 45,000 impressions before re-inking, but the ink is more expensive for our customers to purchase. They work best on flat surfaces, and are generally only recommended for stamping on paper. They cost more, and they are not quite as durable as 2000 Plus units, so we generally don't recommend them unless they fit your needs.


    Most Xstamper units are high in quality, but they take longer to make; however, the impression quality is generally not as clean as other pre-inked stamps. They last longer, up to 100,000 impressions before re-inking, and they are guaranteed to work for life. Since they generally cost more, and have a tendency to bleed through paper, we rarely recommend our customers buy these unless it is absolutely necessary.

Standard Rubber Hand Stamps:

    Regular rubber hand stamps can still be made here with the same dies that the 2000 Plus units use. They can be made up to 5" x 10" but they become difficult to use when they are bigger than 3" x 3". They require a stamp pad to use, but they are the least expensive stamp we make. They are mostly used today in industrial settings because they hold up to the corrosive properties of many specialty/permanent inks.

Numbering stamps and special order industrial stamps.

    We can custom make any stamp with any number of rotating bands with letters, numbers, and/or symbols in regular and self-inking formats. Stock numbering stamps range from $15 to $750.

Comet: The heavy metal self-inking stamp

A heavy duty steel frame makes the Comet the strongest self-inking stamp in the world. If you know anyone who has ever broken a stamp by throwing it against a wall or running it over with a car, a Comet is for them. Comets are not afraid of abuse; abuse is afraid of the Comet! Comets are available upon request if you desire the durability of a heavy steel stamp and the weight to break most things it touches.

Ink choices:

    The standard colors of Black, Red, and Blue are available for any stamp we sell at no additional charge.  Purple, Green, Orange, Brown, and Hot Pink are available for self-inking and regular hand stamps every day at an additional charge.  Other-non standard colors are available upon special request.

Permanent Ink:

The most common permanent ink we sell is Aero Brand #1250 Ink.  We carry the standard colors of White and Black for $29.95, and Reactivator for $20.95; both in 4oz bottles.  (This ink is used to mark on ANY non-porous surface such as metal, plastic, etc.)
 We have many other special order inks available, from ultaviolet invisible ink, to food grade inks, to fabric marking inks.