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Quality Rubber Stamp Guarantee

Thank you for visiting our website!

Here at QUALITY Rubber Stamp Co., LLC we take quality very seriously (it's in our name). We guarantee that all of our products will be free of mechanical defects for five (5) years (Lifetime for Xstampers).  If your stamp breaks, we will fix or replace it for free! Ink pads in 2000 Plus stamps are guaranteed for one (1)year.*  On average, a well-inked pad lasts years before needing to be replaced.

*We will not replace an ink pad or a stamp free of charge if it is re-inked with the improper ink. 2000 Plus, Ideal, Trodat, U-Mark, M Series, and Shiny stamps (or traditional stamp pads) can only be re-inked with water-based ink (Ideal, Colop, 2000 Plus, Maxum). 

Pre-Inked stamps like Accustamp, Evostamp, Istamp , Ultimark, 2000 Plus PI Stamper, and Max-Light can only be re-inked with an oil-based ink (Istamp, 2000 Plus Stamper, Ultimark). 

XStampers can only be re-inked with XStamper refill ink. 

There is no guarantee on Automatic Numbering ink pads. Gel stamp pads can not be re-inked.

We will not replace a stamp free of charge if there is evidence of physical abuse to the stamp. We can tell if a stamp has been crushed or used with too much force.