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Rubber Hand Stamp ------- (Traditional Stamp) ---------- Prices Vary -------------------- Click Here for Details

Your Price $34.50
List Price $100.00
You Save $65.50

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are ordering a Rubber Hand Stamp (Traditional Stamp), and you are using our Website Shopping Cart, please be advised that your FINAL INVOICE PRICE will reflect the pricing table listed below. (Your final invoice amount MAY NOT reflect the actual Shopping Cart Amount, as prices vary on Traditional Stamps (Please See Below).    

--- Although you are required to enter your credit card in order to check out, we WILL NOT actually run your card until the project is completed. 


Rubber Hand Stamps (Traditional Stamps) are EXCELLENT when using speciality/industrial inks (Fast-Drying Inks, Waterproof Inks, Packaging Inks, etc.)

-- Self-inking stamps are not recommended for most speciality/industrial inks because the stamp die will adhere to the ink pad, and your unit will become ruined.

If you are marking on a difficult surface, QUALITY Rubber Stamp Co., LLC will make specific recommendations based upon your application.  We are the experts in helping you choose the most appropriate INK for your application along with the PERFECTLY designed stamp (Regular Traditional or Special-Mount Traditional) so that you obtain the best impression when stamping. 

(As we help you design your stamp, we will be happy to provide you with a PROOF to ensure that you are happy with the final outcome.)

Traditional Stamp Pricing  (Pricing may vary slightly depending upon artwork, details, etc.):

$16.50 - Small (5/8" or less) or 1 Line

$18.50 - Medium (3/4" to 1 3/8") or 2 Lines

$20.50 - Large (1 1/2" to 2 1/4") or 3 Lines

$24.50 - X Large (2 1/2" to 4") or 4 Lines

$34.50 - XX Large (3" to 6") or 5 Plus Lines


Special-Mount Traditional Stamp Pricing  (Used for EXTRA LARGE stamps/artwork/charts to ensure a QUALITY impression.  In some cases, a speciality RUBBER may be necessary.):

3" - call for pricing

4" - call for pricing

5" - call for pricing

6" - call for pricing

7" - call for pricing

8" - call for pricing


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