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Self-Inking Stamps
2000 Plus

--Not sure what type of stamp you need for your project??  Contact us! 

We'll know exactly what to recommend for you in order to MAKE A GREAT IMPRESSION!!

QUALITY Rubber Stamp Co., LLC carries a full line of SELF-INKING STAMPS!  Whether you need to stamp your address, your signature, endorse your checks, mark a custom date and/or stamp your professional engineer, notary, etc. seal onto a document, we have you covered!  Do you need to write the same information and/or chart on documents all the time??  Why not allow us to create a CUSTOM stamp to make life easier for you??


2000 Plus Printer Series

  • Manufactured with genuine, industrial-strength rubber.
  • Makes up to 5,000 quality impressions per pad.
  • Re-Inkable for thousands more impressions.
  • Inexpensive replacement pads.
  • All units are made of quality materials.
  • Rubber dies are made in our plant in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Ink Colors
  • Black, Red, and Blue are standard
  • Violet, Green, Brown, Orange, Purple, and Hot Pink are available upon request.

Now Available:  2000 Plus Green Line Stamps

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2000 PLUS Dual-Pad Printer 20 - Small Neon Green-Yellow Self-Inking Stamp  9/16in. x 1-1/2in. Since 1963 making a Great Impression for you.
2000 Plus Dual-Pad Printer 20 - Small Self-Inking Stamp. The Printer 20 works exactly the same as a standard Printer 20 but it has an extra pad built into it and it has a Neon Yellow colored mount.

2000 PLUS Printer 20 Green Line- Small Self-Inking Stamp  9/16in. x 1-1/2in. Since 1963 making a Great Impression for you. Custom stamps & Logos stamps too.
Eco-friendly, Green Line, Made of recycled materials
2000 Plus Printer 20 Green Line Small Self-Inking Stamp. Brand New Stamp made of 80% Recycled materials!

2000 Plus Printer 30 Green Line- Standard Self-inking Rubber Stamp  3/4in. x 1-7/8in. Standard address size and big enough for some bank endorsements and some signatures.  Custom, logos and artwork stamps. Post consumer recycled materials
2000 Plus Printer 30 Green Line- Medium Self-inking Rubber Stamp. New Stamp made of 80% post-consumer recycled plastics

2000 plus Printer 40 Green Line - Standard Self-Inking Rubber Stamp Made Of 80% Post Consumer Recycled Materials!
2000 Plus Printer 40 Green Line - Standard Self-Inking Rubber Stamp made of 80% post-consumer recycled materials. Larger 15/16in. X 2-3/8in. self-inking rubber stamp

2000 Plus Printer 10, Small Self-Inking rubber stamp 3/8in. by 1-1/16in.  Custom Self-Inking Rubber Stamps, Since 1963 making a Great Impression for you.
2000 Plus Printer 10 Small Self-Inking Rubber Stamp. Maximum of three very small lines of text.

2000 Plus Printer 15, This rubber stamp is most often used as a long one line stamp since it can easily fit 1/4 inch characters.  It can fit up to three lines of very small type.
2000 Plus Printer 15 3/8in. 2-3/4in. Self-Inking Stamp