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Rubber Hand Stamps

Rubber Hand Stamps require a stamp pad. They are made with the same high quality rubber as 2000 Plus self-inking rubber stamps.  They are our least expensive stamp, and rubber dies are priced the same way as hand stamps.  There is generally no additional charge to mount a stamp or buy the rubber die.

Rubber Hand Stamps are priced two different ways:

Lines of Type:

The price of a rubber stamp is $10 for the first line, and $2 for each additional line with text no larger than 24pt, up to three inches long.  If a line is over 3 inches long, or taller than 24pt, it is considered an extra line.  Empty extra spaces between lines of text are also considered lines.   Over 24 point each line is $6 and if over 3 inches $6 for each additional inch. 


Logo stamps and large stamps cost $10 for the first square inch and $5 for each additional inch.   The price will never exceed  the cost of a similarly sized 2000 Plus self-inking unit unless we have to custom design the artwork.

Custom Designed Artwork:

If we have to custom design a non-standard stamp, or if we have to alter your digital artwork significantly, the price of a stamp will increase by at least $10.00.  We will quote you before we begin production.