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Traditional Stamps - (Industrial Stamps / Rubber Hand Stamps)

Rubber Hand Stamps (Traditional Stamps) are those stamps that have a wooden handle and require a separate stamp pad for inking.  Some people call them the "old fashioned stamps".

QUALITY Rubber Stamp Co., LLC manufactures a variety of traditional stamps for various applications, such as stamping onto metal, plastic, fabric, imprinting into pottery, etc.  ---  (Self-inking stamps usually do not work for these more difficult applications because they require an INDUSTRIAL / SPECIALTY INK, usually a fast-drying, waterproof INK, cannot conduct electricity, etc., which does not work in a self-inking unit.)

If you are stamping a large impression, a special rubber and/or mounting may be required to ensure that you have the best impression possible, no matter what surface you are stamping.

When purchasing your traditional stamp, we recommend that you CALL US with your project requirements, as we will make specific recommendations for the proper rubber & mounting, ink, and/or stamp pad needed to ensure that your stamped impression looks as you expect. 

By clicking on the link below, you will see our general sizing/pricing; however, depending upon your artwork and other requirements, the pricing may or may not change slightly.

ARTWORK:  If you have a specific LOGO, we ask that you please try to email us a  .eps file  .  By sending this type of file will ensure that your stamped impression is as clear as possible.  --- If you do not have a   .eps file   , or do you do not know how to obtain this type of file, do not hesitate to contact us.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!!


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